Asbestos Worker

Asbestos Abatement Worker

Initial Class: (REGISTER)

At STC we train Asbestos Workers in the 4 day initial course.  This course is accredited through the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and is taught by instructors with a vast level of experience in the abatement/construction industry. This gives them the advantage with employers seeking workers with advanced level of knowledge.
Topics in this Course:
  • Background Information and Mineralogyasbestos scrape01
  • Health Effects of Asbestos;
  • OSHA & U.S.EPA Regulations;
  • Personal Protection;
  • Medical Surveillance;
  • Abatement Techniques;
  • Sampling & Analysis;
  • Control Techniques;
  • Waste Disposal.

Refreshers: (REGISTER)

This annual “refresher” is required for license renewal and for maintaining accreditation under AHERA, ASHARA and the OSHA standards. It is a 1 -day course which reviews the abatement worker’s duties and responsibilities and covers recent legislative changes and advances in technology.

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