Lead Supervisor Refresher

Our training class is for Illinois Only (REGISTER)lead work area02


  • State & Federal Regulations & Guidelines;
  • Lead Hazard Issues & Health Effects; Exposure Measurements;
  • Legal & Insurance Issues;
  • Hazardous communications & Material Safety Data Sheets;
  • Project Site Preparation/Containment;
  • Project Specifications; Cost Estimation; Project Management; Supervisory Techniques;
  • HUD Protocol for Lead Dust and Soil Sampling; Cleanup & Clearance Protocols;
  • Waste Disposal & Transportation; Site Characterization
  • Developing & Implementing a Safety & Health Plan.

Supervisor Refreshers:

8 Hour Illinois Refresher course. OSHA and some states require yearly re-certification of all certified Lead Abatement Supervisors.

The purpose of the re-certification requirement is to bring experienced personnel up to date on new regulations and other developments in the rapidly changing field of Lead Hazard Reduction.

A Credit Card payment is required to reserve your space in class.

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