Initial MSHA Parts 46 & 48(b) (REGISTER)

This 3 Day course is for contractors and consultants seeking information and certification in Mining Safety and Health. The course curriculum follows the Mining Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) Training Requirements.


Initial Courses available

  • Part 48(b) (surface only work performed at underground mines)
  • Part 46 (surface mines only)

(Note: Part 48(b) requires 14 calendar days notice to MSHA prior to holding a class).

MSHA requires at least 24 hours of safety and health training for all persons exposed to hazards at mine sites.


24 Hour New Miner Training

  •    Introduction to New Miner Training (Overview of 30 CFR Part 46 and/or 48(b))
  •    Hazard Recognition/Accident Prevention
  •    Health and Safety Aspects of Tasks Assigned
  •    Self-Rescuing Devices and Respiratory Protection
  •    Transport and Communication Systems
  •    Roof/Ground Control and Excavations
  •    Mine Maps, Escape-Ways, Evacuation and Preparedness
  •    Clean-Up/Housekeeping
  •    Industrial Health
  •    Electrical Hazards and First Aid
  •    Mine Gases
  •    General Safety

8 Hour Newly Hired Experienced Miner Training (REGISTER)

  • All of the Above Subjects in Summary Format

 8 Hour Miner Refresher Training (REGISTER)

  • All of the Above Subjects in Summary Format

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