NIOSH 582 Equivalent Course

This NIOSH 582 Equivalent course covers the “OSHA training” and the “Illinois Department of Public Health” and “Missouri Department of Natural Resources” licensing requirements for asbestos air Air Sampling Professionals and for person’s sampling, analyzing and evaluating airborne asbestos fiber dust.microscope_text_11355

This course includes statistics and sampling-related mathematics, calibration of air sampling equipment, and set-up and use of the phase contrast microscope. It is helpful if students have a good background in basic algebra and the ability to use a calculator with square and square-root functions. Hands-on exercises complement the practical instruction on asbestos air sample analysis. Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a certificate that may be used for licensing purposes.

Save $50.00 on this course by bringing your own equipment (see equipment list below).

  • Phase Contrast Microscope that meets NIOSH 7400 method (including telescope and adjustable field iris).
  • HSE/NPL Slide
  • Stage Micrometer
  • Acetone Vaporizer (QuikFix© preferred)
  • Sample Prep Equipment that meets NIOSH 7400 method.
  • Low Volume Air Sampling Pump and field calibration equipment.

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